The time for change is now

In one of modern history’s most impactful years, we heard a seismic wakeup call. Inequity – brazen, devastating inequality – exposed. Truths revealed that cannot and should not be unlearned, unseen, unfelt.

The power of the BLM movement permeated every aspect of ingrained perspective. And for us – for Mark Harrison – this was felt most personally in the everyday lives of corporate professionals.

Black Canadians are more likely to be unemployed, and to experience discrimination in job search. They are less likely to believe post-secondary education is attainable, earn less on average then their counterparts, and have less access and support at the start of (and throughout) their career. The problem is systemic, and it runs deep.

We need change. We need champions. We must reshape the systems of employment opportunity. Systems that do not serve or represent the country’s diverse population.

And so, the Black Talent Initiative was born to facilitate change, access, and connections to aspiring Black talent in business. Through partnerships, internships, mentorships, and networking, BTI empowers Black leaders for the future.

Join the movement, spread the word, and help us create change now.

Black Talent Initiative - Mark Harrison
Mark Harrison - Black Talent Initiative

Mark Harrison
Founder of the Black Talent Initiative


How our community will make a difference


We partner with brands and organizations that aim to build a new foundation for Black inclusivity


We match Black post-secondary students or professionals with carefully selected mentors


We connect Black students and professionals to paid internships and career opportunities with partners who believe in Black inclusivity


We connect and thrive through our organization partners and Individual volunteer members looking for ways to create inclusive workplaces

Join us on our mission


CONNECT talent to opportunities


ENGAGE companies and professionals


INSPIRE change


Join some of the talented professionals who are building this grassroots organization

Do you have some ideas on how we can collaborate?

We need companies willing to commit to evolving their talent management and internship practices to join us. We need professionals willing to coach, mentor, volunteer and network to join us. Ready to commit to change? Tell us about yourself.
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