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Be an employer:  fill open roles and expand the diversity of your recruiting efforts 


Be a sponsor: through direct donations, sponsorship or other financial or value-added contributions, your financial help will have immediate impact on our mission


Be a community partner: collaborate with us to co-promote initiatives, share career opportunities to your networks, and co-create programming to support our growing community of Black talent.


Be a Member: volunteer to work directly with us on our programming teams and help spread the word through your networks

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Partnerships will help us bring the BTI mission to life. You can help us activate our programming. We can help you accelerate your corporate diversity goals. Let’s get started.

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Maybe you'll consider becoming a BTI Mentor. BTI mentorships facilitate guidance, coaching and leadership while supporting much-needed black representation in the corporate ecosystem.


Want to make a difference? We need companies willing to commit to evolving their talent management and internship practices to join us. We need professionals willing to coach, mentor, volunteer and network to join us. Ready to commit to change? Tell us about yourself.
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